Just as others rely on you, you have to rely on our XP Lights.

That’s why we build lamps that provide the best possible lighting, even in the most demanding situations. Flexible, fast and simple. Whether during an emergency operation in a medical tent, the search for buried victims in a disaster area or when you happen to repair a helicopter at night in the rain.

Because we know: No light is sometimes not an option.

Quality Promise

Our ambition is to offer the best military light in the world. Period.

That’s why all our lamps are developed and handmade in Germany. Numerous international patents are proof of their uniqueness. All products are approved by the strict German technical certification system (TÜV ) and have proven themselves in numerous tests. For example, an XPLight has been crushed, bent and folded 20,000 times without any loss of quality in tests conducted by the Frauenhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration.

After all, our customers won‘t treat them with kit gloves neither.


Ten years ago, Carpetlight revolutionized lighting in the film industry with a new patent. Their textile-based LED lamps simultaneously met the high lighting standards of professional lighting crews and were more flexible and easier to move around than any previous solution. This simplified and accelerated many complex processes in the highly mobile and time-intensive business.

Mobile forces from the military, police or NGOs have very similar lighting requirements. That’s why with the XP Lights a specialized, even more robust product line has now been tailor-made for them.

Under the name faLKE (flexibly adaptable light supply for mobile forces), the lights have been customized down to the last detail for the special needs of the Bundeswehr’s Cyber Innovation Hub.