Complementary to the warranty conditions described in the CARPETLIGHT general terms and conditions the following warranty specifications apply to our products.

General warranty coverage

  • Lampheads and controllers of the CL series are granted 3 years
  • All other accessories and third party components are granted 1 year warranty, excluding general wear and tear. For sold original products such as DOP-Choice®, warranty conditions of the respective manufacturer apply.
  • Note: carefully following our instruction manuals will safeguard your warranty claim. All damages due to improper use however are excluded from the warranty CARPETLIGHT only uses highest quality LEDs and we thus guarantee 99% operation reliability. Even at 1% LED failure however, the functionality and performance of our lampheads will not be affected. In the event of higher LED failure rates, the warranty will apply as follows:
Number of LEDs fitted Number of defect LEDs to grant warranty repair
Carpetino 288 ≥ 3
CL21 576 ≥ 5
CL42 884 ≥ 8
CL44 1152 ≥ 10
CL84 1152 ≥ 10
CL8x8 2304 ≥ 10

In any repair case the buyer has to bear the cost of transport to CARPETLIGHT or to a respective service partner. If the defect falls under our warranty however, the cost will be covered ex cost.

Defects not covered by the warranty

  • Heat damages caused by conditions that prevent heat dissipation. When in use, the lamphead should neither be rolled nor covered up, nor should it be pressed or tied down to any surface, as heat transfer needs to occure from both rear and front surfaces.
  • Moisture damages due to rain or other causes of dampness or wetness.
  • Mechanical damages of i.a. cables, connectors, antennas, encoders, frames & pins, eyelets etc. due to fall, compression or similar causes.
  • Electrical damages due to operation with unsuitable batteries.
  • Functional damages by unauthorized opening, unauthorized repair or general unauthorizied manipulation of controllers or other sealed product components.