The light for those who don‘t think about
camping when they talk about tents.

XP Light TENTacle 640

The XP TENTacle system is easy as one two three.

Light that grows with its challenges.

XP TenTacle systems can be extended as required and can therefore be integrated into all types and sizes of functional tents. For tent manufacturers, pre-installation in their products is also possible.

XP Light TENTacle 640

Our TENTacle lights are as mobile, flexible and light as tent walls. But unlike tents, you only have to set them up once. This is because you can simply leave the handy and powerful lightining systems on the tent ceiling during assembly and dismantling.

One TENTacle light = light from four conventional 60W bulbs


Can be bent or crumpled over 20000 times. IP65, with red and white light.

Simple mounting with eyelets, Velcro, bungee cords

Simple mounting with eyelets, Velcro, bungee cords

Power supply unit is waterproof and provides 24 volts

Simple regulation with extra remote control, dimmable and switchable

Can be operated with all 24 V connections. Up to 3 lights simultaneously.

Ten times faster? Would be an understatement.
The lights and cables can always remain in the tent... do not care about installation

4 kilos instead of 40 kilos. 2 minutes assembly time instead of 35.
The advantages over conventional solutions are clear.


Tentacle 640 Set 2 with 2 lights

Tentacle 640 Set 3 with 3 lights